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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What? We're already folding?

But it's only the 2nd round!

The number of people who have signed petitions, asking for a specific state to be granted a peaceful secession from the Union, on the White House website, as of 8:17 PM CT: 773,891.

That's in, oh, about a week. I'm sure there's some double dipping by signers, but still. That's quite a few.

Some of the petitions already hit the 25,000 signature-threshold for an official response. That'll be an interesting one to see.

On the flip side, 30, 246 people have signed two different petitions saying anyone who signed one of the afore-mentioned petitions should have their citizenship stripped from them and be deported. So much for, y'know, the right of the people to petition the government for redress of grievances as enumerated by the 1st amendment to the Constitution of these United States.

But those educated in the public-school system probably don't even know what that means.


There is a worthy petition entitled "Stop using hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to fund planned parenthood. Where is our CHOICE? Defund them now!" A bit wordy, but the words are important! Sign it, maybe?

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